Wednesday Night is World Book Night

This week I’m joining forces with my publisher to promote fiction during World Book Night. On Wednesday, April 23, authors around the world will offer novels to people who might not ordinarily choose fiction. What I love about this event is that we’re focusing on the under served in the community–women’s shelters, libraries, homeless shelters, senior centers.

let's encourage reading 'round the world this weel

let’s encourage reading ’round the world this week

Here in my county alone, more than 150,000 adults are functionally illiterate. I can’t think of anything more critical to our future than to promote reading, especially among women. We know that when a mother learns to read, and loves to read, she passes that value on to her children. I really hope that some mother somewhere will see my book and be motivated to want to know the story between the covers.

If you have a chance to participate in World Book Night or any other event that promotes literacy and a love of books, I hope you’ll get involved. Together, we can make a difference, one book, and one reader at a time.