Simple Pleasures

If your life is anything like mine, every day is filled with a never- ending “to do” list that can often leave us feeling cranky and overwhelmed. Laundry, bill paying, car pool, making lunches, work pressures, cleaning, grocery shopping can wring the joy out of life. Lately I’ve tried to find a better balance between the “have to” and the “want to”  by focusing on life’s simple pleasures. A cup of coffee in the quiet of early morning. A chat with a distant friend. A long walk on a tide-washed beach. ( THE best simple 005pleasure of all!)  A single rose blooming beside the door.

This morning when I walked up to the mailbox to mail off some bills, I was greeted by this gorgeous rose. The neighborhood was quiet except for the cardinals singing in the live oaks and the frenzied chatter of swallows seeking out a location for a nest. I slid my bills into the “out” slot and stood for a minute just admiring the individual petals and the velvety texture of this rose. Feasting my heart on its simple beauty. Breathing out, and letting the peace settle in.

What is your favorite simple pleasure? As my Southern grandmother used to say, “Do tell!”