Much Ado About…Something

How was the eclipse viewing in your neck of the woods? After weeks of warnings to be prepared with food, water, and gasoline as crowds descended on the hill country, there were a few spots of heavy traffic but nothing too terrible. Here at Casita Marron the eclipse was marred by thick clouds that obscured the view. We  stood on our back porch as darkness fell and the birds went silent. My neighbor’s security lights came on. The wind came up. Peering through our eclipse glasses we caught fleeting glimpses of the outer edge of the sun as the moment of totality arrived. 

Some people said ah well all those prep warnings, all the hype about the eclipse itself were much ado about nothing. Honestly I was disappointed not to have a better view, but these few moments when Americans across the political, religious, and economic spectrum came together in parks and parking lots and along roadsides, drawn together to witness a once in a lifetime event —was not nothing. It was a reminder of shared history.  A moment of shared humanity when we all stilled to experience together the wonders of the universe. 

It was something. 


4 thoughts on “Much Ado About…Something

  1. Leanna Ellis

    I loved it! We had clouds that came and went. Even looking at the partial eclipse and seeing the wispy clouds drift across was cool. Then the full eclipse! Wow. I was in downtown Dallas and seeing folks from all walks of life looking up and experiencing it all together was pretty cool. Hanging out with good friends and my dear sister was unforgettable!

  2. Elizabeth Musser

    What a lovely post, Dorothy. Sending hugs from France where we were nowhere near the eclipse but I enjoyed seeing photos and knowing, as you said, that a beautiful event of creation was bringing the world together for just a few minutes. Blessings, Elizabeth

    1. dorothy Post author

      Dearest Elizabeth, I am so very late in this response–medical stuff for my hubby has kept me busy.Thanks for your kind words. I just wish we could find more moments of unity in this terribly divided world these days. Hugs to you! I hope you had a lovely visit on this side of the pond. Blessings to you! Dorothy


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