Singing in the Rain

Hello out there, 

Here in the hill country we’ve been in extreme drought for several years, so every rain event is a cause for celebration.  We got some good rains last week from Tropical Storm Alberto that came ashore in the gulf.  

As a kid I used to curl up in the porch swing with a quilt and watch the rain. I don’t have a porch swing now but I do have a back porch rocking chair so I took myself out there with my iced tea ( we had rain but it was still hot!!) to watch the rain. And I noticed something unexpected. The birds were singing. Loudly. Several different kinds of birds.

Since research is my jam, I looked up this phenomenon and found out it’s common and they sing for different reasons. Because the rain brings out insects and worms to eat. Because the rain is cooling to their feathers. Just because. The Old Farmer’s  Almanac  says that when birds sing in the rain, fair weather is on the way. 

Anyway, the birdsong brought to mind a lesson we sometimes forget. That even in the middle of storms, there are still things worth celebrating.  Even when it’s raining, fair weather is on the way.

From Casita Marron to your house, have a great week!

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