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Monday is Memorial Day and the official start of summer. And nothing says summer to me more than a day at the beach, the lake, or even a lazy Sunday on the front porch with a pitcher of lemonade a stack of good books. Whenever I get a chance to spend such a  day, it brings back memories of my childhood when summer seemed endless, there was no schedule to keep, no math homework to worry about,  and every day held the promise of new adventures. My two brothers and I , and our next door neighbors camped out under the stars, built a playhouse, went to the movies, made scrapbooks and of course, read books.

My favorite authors back then included Anne Emory, Betty Cavanna, and Rosamond du Jardin. I read some of the Nancy Drew books and dreamed of having a convertible and a boyfriend of my own. I read Cherry Ames, Student Nurse, and briefly entertained the thought of becoming a nurse myself. But then I remembered that I usually faint at the sight of blood and looked around for another career path. I read about flight attendants who in those days were called “stewardesses”. Flying seemed so glamorous. Now that I travel often for business and dread the hassle of flying every single time, I’m glad I didn’t become a “stewardess” either.

To celebrate the glories of summer, I am giving away to one reader in the US  a Summer Beach Reads prize which includes an oversized canvas beach tote from Lands End, a fluffy beach towel, plus flip flops, sunscreen, a pair of fun, red-framed sunglasses, an oversized cup for holding your favorite cold summer beverage, and six books. In addition to the complete Hickory Ridge series, I’m giving away Tamera Alexander’s latest historical novel, To Whisper Her Name, and two contemporary novels, Lisa Wingate’s  Firefly Island and Beth Webb Hart’s charming Moon Over Edisto, set in South Carolina.

Entering is easy. Just  go here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and Happy Summer!

35 thoughts on “Enter My Summer Beach Reads Giveaway

  1. Cynthia St. Germain

    I love summer, I remember being at the pool and reading when I was in the water.

  2. Linda Ortiz

    I would love to read on the sandy beach of Hawaii. Even though, I live near the beach. The beaches in Hawaii does not compare to the beauty it has than our beaches here in California. The sand is so clean and the water is so crystal blue. Yes, that is where I would like to be for the summer, reading. 🙂

    1. dorothy Post author

      Linda, I know what you mean. I lived in San Diego for several years and loved Coronado beach. Miss it still. Have a great summer!!

  3. Virginia

    oh yeah I would use all this to sit beside the water and read…thanks for the chance…

  4. Renee

    I would love to go to Hawaii and enjoy the beaches there with the lovely water, sun and a great book!

  5. Sara Criswell

    Tamara introduced me to you. I have not read any of your books; but would love to have them in my church’s librar. Roseland Park Baptist Church, Picayune, Ms. 39466 Would love to win your summer contest Thank you.

    1. dorothy Post author

      tamera is such a sweet friend and a wonderful writer. Thanks, Sara, for entering the giveaway. Good luck!

  6. Darrelyn Kelley

    Wow! What a wonderful give-a-way! While I was reading everything in the give-a-way, I was overcomed with a sense of peace and contentment. That is the way I feel when I am engrossed in a book. I came across your give-a-way via Tamera Alexandra. I’m looking forward to reading your books. Thank you for the give-a-way! God Bless!

  7. Wendy Ford

    While I can’t enter the contest because I live in Canada I wanted to leave a comment on your blog . Your mentioned authors like Rosamond du Jardin, and reading Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames books. I read everything Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames book that I could get my hands on . I loved those kind of books .I think I borrowed most of them since our family couldn’t afford to buy very many books. I remember when I was in 8th grade staring longingly at a new book that cost 87 cents,plus and I didn’t have that much in my pocket . I am sure that is why I own such a huge personal library that I have collected over the last 30 years , and why I download any free e-book that is a genre that I prefer to read . I live on an island so I can walk to the beach if I like,but to often take such a pleasure for granted .

    1. dorothy Post author

      Wendy, I used the library a lot in my younger days, too. I won’t ever forget Cherry Ames. thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment. I loved hearing from you.

  8. Robyn Conners

    Thank you for the giveaway! Although I live in San Diego, I don’t take advantage of our beaches as I should (too busy with work) 🙁 One of my favorite spots is when we go to Minnesota and sitting in a hammock on the lake is the best! I especially love that it really doesn’t get dark til really late. My dream spot would be on a beach in Maui or on the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel

  9. Betti

    Love Tamara Alexander and love to get to know new authors. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    God bless.

    1. dorothy Post author

      Crystal, your blog sounds like a blast! I am buried in line edits and a bunch of other deadlines rigs now, but if the time is ever right, we’ll do it.

  10. Pam K.

    Thanks for this great giveaway! All the books sound great and the other prizes as well.
    I remember reading many of the childhood books you mentioned.

  11. Sherry Murchison

    I read all the Cherry Ames, student nurse books too!!! I haven’t heard of anyone else who read them until you!! I loved those books! I also read all the Nancy Drew books and also The Boxcar Children.

    1. dorothy Post author

      Sherry,I dont’ know too many other Charry Ames readers, either. I guess we were a select group. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by here.

  12. Judy Cook

    I live in southwest FL near Siesta Key beach, one of the best in the world. We started coming down here for vacation as a family when my grandparents retired to Sarasota. It is a beautiful beach.

    1. dorothy Post author

      Judy, several years ago on a cruise we met a lovely couple from Siesta Key and they talked about how beautiful it is there. Hope you enjoy your summer!

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