Sit Here for the Present

As a teacher of first graders I began the year reading aloud Beverly Cleary’s hilarious Ramona the Pest in which 5 year old Ramona goes off to kindergarten. The teacher shows Ramona to a chair and says, “Sit here for the present.”

Ramona sits there all day, growing more and more irate as the present she is expecting from her teacher never appears. Meanwhile, all around Ramona, children are playing games, and having fun and she, so focused on what is missing,loses out on the pleasures of the day.

ID-10040283Especially at this time of year when so many of us are rushing about getting ready for the holidays the simple pleasures can get lost in the shuffle. In the run up to the big gift exchange, the big meal, the big game, the quiet conversation with a loved one, the sound of a carol, the card or letter from an old friend gets pushed aside. This year I’m making an effort to appreciate the small things happening all around me, to pay attention, to let go of the past, to worry less about the future, and simply to sit here for the present.

Wishing you all the joys of the season and the happiest of new years.