The Bracelet ARC Giveaway Starts Today

I have three Advance Reader Copies of THE BRACELET to give away to three people who are willing to help me create some “buzz” for this new book which will be in stores December 9th. Are you game? Here are the details and FAQ:

I haven’t heard of THE BRACELET. What’s it about?

the_bracelet-199x300Right here on the site you will find the book cover and a short summary of the novel. If you love historical novels filled with romance, suspense, and mystery, I think you will enjoy this one.  If you are not a fan of historical novels, then this is not the book for you.

What is an Advance Reader Copy ( ARC)?

An ARC is a bound, UNCORRECTED proof of the book pages created to provide to reviewers before a book comes out. In an ARC you will find typographical errors, missing quotation marks, dropped words, repeated sentences, etc. You must be able to ignore these, which will be corrected in the finished book.

How do I help create “Buzz” for THE BRACELET?

It’s easy! Just post a short review on as many online sites as possible including, B and, and by November 30th, 2014. If you have a blog, you can post a review there, too.

Do you know a librarian at your public library, church library, high school library? Please tell them about THE BRACELET.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Mention the book on your social media sites.

Are you a member of a book club? Recommend THE BRACELET to your club members. If your club chooses to read the book, I will be happy to set up a phone chat with you during your club meeting.

I’ve never written a book review before. What should I include?

A great book review does not have to be long, and it is not necessary to tell the whole plot of the book. In fact it’s better if you don’t give too much away! Pretend you are chatting with a friend and telling them about the book and why you liked it.  Here’s an example of a review I wrote for a book I loved:

A Different Sun is a beautifully written story of a young woman who marries a missionary and follows him to Africa to establish a church. I loved the rich descriptions of the African village and the unfolding story of the couple’s unusual marriage. The author made me feel as if I were walking along the red dirt road right along with her characters. I laughed and cried right along with them, too as they experienced triumphs and great personal tragedy. I loved this book and I think you will love it too. Five stars!!

Want to try it?

All you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT below, and tell me which of my previous books you enjoyed the most, and why. Three entries will be randomly chosen to receive the ARC of THE BRACELET. Then check back here any time after 12 noon CST on Friday, August 29th, when the winners’  names will be posted.

IMPORTANT: In order to stop spam, I approve all comments before they appear here on the site. So don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away. I WILL approve all legitimate comments and you WILL be entered to win. Thanks so much!! Good luck.

30 thoughts on “The Bracelet ARC Giveaway Starts Today

    1. Millie Cason

      I love these kind of books, its hard to find a good book to read without so much cussing and violence, I would love to read this one called the Bracelet.

  1. Connie Fischer

    Hi, Dorothy!

    I admit that to date, I have not read any of your novels but am intrigued by them all. I would very much love to read and review an ARC of “The Bracelet.” I am a reviewer for bookworm2bookworm and have read/reviewed 111 books so far this year on Goodreads. I would be delighted to promote your novel. Do let me know if you are interested.

    Thanks ever so much and best of luck with your continued success.

    Connie Fischer

  2. Ann Badder

    It’s hard to pick my favorite of your books. They are all fantastic! Thank you for writing them!

  3. Susan Snodgrass

    Dorothy, I would absolutely LOVE an ARC of The Bracelet. I love your books and own them all. I’ve been blessed to be on quite a number of launch teams. I leave reviews all over the place, talk the book up, share on FB. I’ve even been known to hang out in the aisles of Lifeway Christian and watch people browsing and recommend books to them! My favorite of your books is Beauty For Ashes because it ministered to me so much right after my mamja died. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

  4. Lisa Stifler

    Hi Dorthy, you are a new author to me . I would love a chance to win and help spread the word about your book. I have been wanting to read this book. I love the cover. ~ Blessings ~

  5. Chris Unwin

    I would love the chance to read and review and ARC copy of The Bracelet. I loved your Hickory Ridge Romance series. Which book was my favorite? All of them.
    Best wishes with the launch of The Bracelet.

    Chris Unwin

  6. Keren Herrera Lyles

    Dorothy, Blessings to you as always. You know I couldn’t stay away from this opportunity. I have told my cousins and friends about your books. The Bible bookstore in Hemet, CA was where I would go and find your books, as well as having them order them for me when I didn’t see a copy. I would talk about the stories with the owner there, since we would share authors and books with each other. I have mentioned your stories on FB. About which book I liked? Well, it would have to be the Hickory Ridge ones….loved them all, have them all. The one that I love more is the 3rd one…Every Perfect gift. the one that touched my heart….Beauty for Ashes….there was a message in that story that touched my heart and made me know, that things happen for a reason but God makes you stronger to handle it and be able to go through it.

    As always Blessings to you.

  7. Amanda Zaugg

    Love your books!! Really enjoyed the book Beauty for Ashes, so good!! Would love a advanced reader copy of The Bracelet, looks so good!! Love the cover so gorgeous.

  8. Paula Osborne

    Love to read all your books but this one is special because of Savannah being so close, love to read and review for ya.
    thanks for sharing…

  9. Chrystal Finniff

    I haven’t had the chance to read any of your novels yet, but The Bracelet sounds really good and the cover is awesome!! Would love to write a review!! Thanks!!

  10. Nancy M

    I have your book Carolina Gold to read right now. I have already heard from someone this is an amazing book. I am excited to add it to my wish list. So either way I hope to read it and review it for you!

  11. Carol Kemp

    I have looked on our library’s site to reserve your books. As yet I have not read them but LOVE Historical Romances and would really love to read the ARC if chosen and review.

  12. Gail Hollingsworth

    The cover of this book has intrigued me since the first time I saw it. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your books yet but would love to read this one. I do reviews on every book I read and place them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and various other sites including my personal Facebook page and I always post the book’s cover picture on my a Pintrest board.

  13. Lucy

    I have not read any of your books, but would love to. My library doesn’t have any. I would enjoy reading and promoting your book on Goodreads, Amazon, CBD, FB, and to my family and friends. I have written reviews on those sites for other authors. Thank you for considering me. Have a blessed evening.

  14. mary koester

    I loved Beyond All Measure. I actually loved all of the the Hickory Ridge novels. I shared them with my mom and daughter. It is really nice when stories are appealing to three generations. Your stories have a timeless quality that we enjoy very much. I am an avid reader of historical fiction, particularly inspirational historical fiction. Thanks for your excellent work!

  15. Connie Saunders

    I am not familiar with your work but this synopsis makes me want to read The Bracelet. I recently retired from our public library and I am anxious to expand my reading. Thanks for the chance.

  16. Kathy Jacob

    Honestly, I haven’t read any of your books yet, but they all sound wonderful! I would love to receive an ARC of this new book. I know how to buzz!

  17. Shelly Dabbs

    I can not pick just one of your books. I have loved them all & can’t wait to read the next ones. Your books are always at the top of list to get when they come out. Never disappointed.

  18. Donna Roost

    Up to now I haven’t had the honor of reading your books but love historical fiction and this one sounds intriguing. And being a former typesetter and graphic designer I would love the ARC copy. How interesting!

  19. Donna Roost

    Up to now I haven’t had the honor of reading your books but love historical fiction and this one sounds intriguing. And being a former typesetter and graphic designer I would love the ARC copy. How interesting!

  20. Teresa Sego

    I love all your books and would be blessed to be chosen as an early reader. Thanks for writing and keep those books coming.

  21. Tina Rice

    Hi Dorothy!
    I would love to read ARC of the Bracelet. The story sounds very interesting.
    Blessings, Tina

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