Summer Book Bargain Coming Up on Saturday

Today I’m announcing a special sale on one of my books coming up on Saturday. I’m not allowed to announce it in advance, so please pop by here Saturday morning if you’re bargain hunting for summer reading.

TIOD244Book Recommendation: While I was at the beach last week I read  Kelly OConnor McNees’s new historical novel, The Island of Doves and really enjoyed it. Set in Detroit and on Mackinac Island in 1835, it’s the story of an abused wife who escapes to safety and a new life. Since I’m a Southern girl who writes mostly about the South I wasn’t familiar with the wild setting on Mackinac. I enjoyed learning something new. My only quibble with the book was one element that I thought was too coincidental, but I’ll  let you be the judge of that on your own.

See you here Saturday!