A Guest Post by Jake the Dog

Hi Friends. Dorothy is too sleepy to write her usual weekly blog post today. She and I were up all night last night.We weren’t outside playing a midnight game of soccer, or chasing away feral cats. Though that would have been loads of fun. We were upstairs in the TV room where I trembled and drooled and climbed into her lap ( yep, all 70 pounds of me) until five o’clock this morning. Because it was thundering in Africa .I hate when that happens.

Anyway, I hopped out of Doro’s lap when I heard the alarm clock beeping downstairs. Because that beeping sound  means it’s time for breakfast, and even though I was a little bit sleepy myself–you’d  be surprised how exhausting it is to be scared all night—I followed her down to the kitchen because hey, I still have to eat. I parked myself in front of that big black box in the kitchen. The one where you push a button and ice and water come out. Behind that black door is…well, let’s just say I look forward to watching it swing open every morning and night. So anyway, I had breakfast and then went outside to …well, you know. It’s past noon now and poor Doro is still trying to wake up.

I know! I’ll give her a few wet, slobbery  puppy kisses. That’ll get her heart to pumping. If Doro was awake I know what she would tell you: Have a great weekend. Chase some cats. Watch a few hours of Animal Planet. Sit in front of the big black box and beg until it opens. And read a good  book.  Because outside of a dog, a book is your best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.   Love, Jake