A Favorite Reading Spot

Ron and I spent a delightful afternoon yesterday browsing at Barnes and Noble. He got an early birthday present for me–a book on photography. I’m not very good with a camera, mostly because I’m always in a rush and the few pictures I take are snapped on the run. I’d love to get better at it, and I’m looking forward to learning more about how to take better pictures.

I picked up a few novels yesterday. My favorite thing to do in winter— such as it is here in my corner of semi-tropical  Texas– is to curl up in my favorite chair by the fireplace and read until bedtime.

DownLoaded 12 22 10 016As a child, I read books sprawled on the bed in my room or sitting beneath the huge sweet gum tree that grew in our front yard. We have some lovely old oak trees on our property here, but for most of the year it’s too hot to sit outside.  So I curl up in this chair by the fireplace, ( although most of the time it’s too warm for a fire) and spend the evening absorbed in a good book.

I’ve just discovered the Sebastian St Cyr series of historical mysteries by C S Harris  that take place in Regency England. I’m looking forward to reading When Maidens Mourn.

What books are on your TBR pile?