A Locket in my Pocket

Today a reader responded to my announcement that I’m giving away a locket online tomorrow night by saying she hadn’t thought about a locket, or worn one since childhood. That took me back to third grade, when my favorite aunt and uncle who lived in Ohio came to Tennessee to visit us. My brothers and I were always happy to see them, not only because they were interesting and exotic, being from “up North”  but because Uncle Ed always brought us boxes and boxes of National Geographic magazines that kept us fascinated for hours. Aunt Kay brought toys. Bow and arrow sets, dolls, puzzles, boxed stationery, and that year, a small gold locket that I wore to school every day until the chain broke. After that I carried in my pocket until it got lost. I still miss having it.

Sophie’s locket.

Now that we can store thousands of photos of our loved ones in our cell phones, lockets don’t seem to be very useful. After all, they can hold only one or two tiny images that can’t be instantly shared via social media. But when I was growing up, photos–usually taken with a Kodak Hawkeye camera —were treasures. Even if the images were in black and white and sometimes blurry. I think of how much more precious pictures of loved ones must have been in the 19th century when photography was in its infancy. A photo was a rare and precious thing, passed down from generation to generation.

In EVERY PERFECT GIFT, I wanted Ethan to give Sophie a gift that would be meaningful and lasting. Something Sophie would carry with her and hand down to her daughter some day. I envisioned a locket  in yellow gold, engraved with vines and flowers, and with their initials. Imagine my delight when, after the  book was done and Thomas Nelson and I were looking for the perfect gift , I found one that matched my description almost perfectly. I’m giving it away on Thursday night, December 13, during my author chat party on Facebook. I hope you’ll join me for fun, conversation, and a chance to win Sophie’s locket. Just RSVP here:http://on.fb.me/11SsyfE