Your Favorite Authors Reveal Their Favorite Gifts

I love Christmas, even though every year, I struggle with finding perfect gifts for everyone on my list. Fall  slipped away from me this year as I finished a book and traveled to Nashville for meetings with writers and my publishers. Suddenly it’s mid November and I have not even though about Christmas shopping. So I asked a few of my writer friends to share their favorite gifts to give.

Robin Lee Hatcher, author of the Where The Heart Lives series ( the latest book is called Betrayal) loves the Thai Pad for reading in bed. I’m definitely looking into this one. It’s from Levenger for a very reasonable $39-$49.

Stephanie Whitson, author of The Shadow on the Quilt, gives Bakers Melt Away Chocolates. $10.98 for 12 ounces

Maureen Lang, author of Bees in the Butterfly garden buys antique perfume bottles and includes a note to the recipient: God keeps track of our tears and so they must be precious enough to be stored like expensive perfume. I hope this “tear bottle” will remind you of God’s love while I pray that a rarity of your tears except from laughter is part of why they are so precious.I love this idea because it’s unique and  personal.

Vickie McDonough, author of End of the Trail, loves the quirky tee shirts available from

Richard Mabry, author of Lethal remedy gives a gift to charity such as Habitat for Humanity

Missy Tippins, author of A House Full of Hope makes donations to the United Methodist Childrens Home in Decatur Georgia

Leanna Ellis, author of the Plain Fear series (latest is Forbidden) gives books and has a knack for picking great ones. Over the years, I’ve received Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale, Anne Fortier’s Juliet, and Kate Morton’s The House at Riverton. Loved them all.

Colleen Coble, author of Tidewater Inn gives DeBrand chocolates. Their truffles are not only delicious,  they’re works of art. Six truffles for $18.00 and many other delicious options are found at

If you have a gift suggestion, please leave it below. It’s almost time to go shopping!