Shopping and the Domino Effect

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. While I love that my office is only a few steps from my kitchen, and I can work barefoot, in jeans and t-shirts, the occasional need for a fancy dress and shoes produces a dilemma. Wear the dress I wore last year and hope nobody remembers? Or spring for new duds?

One purchase lead to another

This year, I decided a new dress was in order, so off I went to Nordstrom where I tried on and rejected half a dozen dresses: too tight, too short, too boring, too long, icky color. Of course the one I fell in love with–the one that flattered my increasingly rotund shape was wildly expensive, especially since I couldn’t think of a single other place I could wear it. Eventually I settled on a fitted navy number with a bolero jacket…a dress that cried out to be worn over Spanx. So I bought a new body shaper. Got on the escalator to head for the parking lot and realized…I had no shoes that would really go with the dress.

Not to worry; Nordstrom is famous for its shoe department and a very sweet young woman brought several pairs of evening shoes for my inspection. Blinded by the bling emanating from a pair of studded pumps, I forked over my credit card once more and tried not to think about where else on earth I will ever wear these shoes. Now I am checking out my jewelry case to see whether I own the proper accessories…..the Domino effect is alive and well at my house this weekend. One of my friends observed that shopping is a bit like giving a mouse a cookie…it starts out simply enough but one thing leads to another….

How about you? Does one innocent little purchase lead to another and another? What is the craziest thing you have ever bought?  Have you ever bought something and regretted it?