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Lately I’ve seen a number of e-mails from people who would love to attend the ACFW conference this year, or  Mt Hermon or the Blue Ridge Conference, but can’t because of distance, schedules or finances.  I have some encouraging news. Even if those events are not possible for you, there are a number of smaller conferences and workshops focused on writing inspirational fiction that are shorter, more affordable and may be  closer to home.

By planning now for next year, you may be able to get away for one day, two days, or three days, to connect with other writers and improve your craft. Here are a few to check out from around the country, gleaned from the most up to date info I could find. Be sure to double check anything that interests you, as some conferences may meet every other year, or may have ceased altogether.

Alive in Words: One day conference, Vienna VA

Antelope Valley CWC: Two day conference Lancaster, CA

Christian Writers Advance Boot Camp: Three day conference Asheville, NC

East Texas CWC: One day conference Marshall, TX

Florida CWC: Four day conference Bradenton, FL

HACWN: Two and a half days, Kansas City, MO  60 workshops, keynote

Kentucky CWC: Two days, Ellizabethtown, KY

North Texas CWC: Two days, Keller, TX  66 sessions, 2 keynotes

Northwest CW Renewal: Two days, Seattle, WA. Two general sessions, 22 workshops, agent and editor appointments.

St David’s CWC:  Three day and 1 day sessions. Grove City and Stoneboro, PA

Here’s one coming up August 13-16 of this year: The Oregon CWC in Portland, OR.

Have you attended any of these workshops in the past? What were the positives? Any negatives? Do you know of other small conferences you’d recommend to others? Let me know.




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    1. dorothy Post author

      Hi Deb, I appreciate your sharing this list. The more options writers have, the better. I still remember my first conference, The Short Course in Professional Writing at the University of Oklahoma. It whetted my appetite to go home and dig into my work, and led to my first book contract.

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