A Poem About Rejection

If you’ve been over to Writers Caffeine lately you know it’s on hiatus for a while, but I grabbed a few minutes the other day to do a bit of research for my next novel, looking up some famous quotes on various subjects and I came across a short poem about writers and rejection.  It meant a lot to me because when I began my career, writers actually sent hard copies of manuscripts to editors,  enclosing them  in large manila envelopes, along with a second, SASE  for the manuscript’s return. Every day, the trip to the mailbox was filled with hope that there there would NOT be what my best friend and I nicknamed the BBE ( Big Brown Envelope). Anyway, I jotted down the poem to share with you. Even in the age of electronic submissions, it still captures an author’s feelings abouts sending  out work.  The author is Elizabeth Flynn.

When I go

it should be by cremation,

my ashes slipped into an 8 x 10 manila envelope

with a second, (stamped and self addressed)

inside, posted to God

in His capacity as Editor of everything.

I stand

a better than even chance

of being returned to myself

along with a neat note

acknowledging my insight and my craft,

regretting  that I do not,

at that time, fit His Divine needs,

Wishing me luck in placing myself



2 thoughts on “A Poem About Rejection

  1. Kristy L. Cambron

    Dorothy ~ This really blessed me today. Sometimes when you hear the words “No” or even “Not now”, it can make you feel somewhat alone in the journey. We are not, of course. We have our steadfast friends, our experienced and caring agents, and our supportive families. But for writers, our manuscripts come from the heart and that is nearest to us to where God is. To have our heart receive a No can be painful. However, we keep going and more than that, we’re never alone when we do. Thanks again.

    1. dorothy Post author

      Hi Kristy, thank you so much for your kind note. Writing can certainly be a lonely profession. I’m glad this little poem spoke to you and encouraged you in your journey.
      Blessings, Dorothy

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