Jake Love writes about Life With Author-Mom

Hello Humans. Dorothy is busy getting ready for her big Author Chat Party next Tuesday night on something called FaceBook. I don’t  understand it, but she’s all excited because reader people will be joining her online to talk about books and win prizes.  As far as I can tell, there are no milk bones or Frisbees to give away so I’ll probably sleep through it.  Anyway she asked me to fill in for her today on Writers Caffeine and I thought you might like a dog’s eye view of what happens around here when Dorothy is at work.

First, we get up before the crack of dawn. The alarm goes off at 5 am. While Dad peep showers and gets ready for work, Dorothy takes me and Major outside to sniff around, check for squirrels, and….well, you know. Then it’s on to breakfast. After Major and I eat, we position ourselves on the kitchen floor, in case Dorothy happens to drop a slice of bacon or a pancake. You’d be surprised how often that happens.

After Dorothy and Dad Peep finish eating, he goes back into the bedroom to finish dressing for work and Dorothy has her” quiet time.”  During which she reads her daily devotional and sometimes writes in her journal. In quiet time I am not allowed to bark at the neighborhood cats. Or the squirrels.

After quiet time, Dad Peep leaves for work, and then Author Mom and I go upstairs to her office. This is the really boring part of  the day because all she does is make the keyboard clatter. Sometimes she mutters to herself. Sometimes she wads up paper and tosses it into the waste basket. Sometimes I catch it and try to be helpful by shredding it, but she really prefers that I don’t.  Every so often she punches numbers into a little word counter thingy on her desk, and when the right number pops up we take a break for lunch and another trip outside and then Author Mom is happy.

After lunch, she writes emails and makes phone calls and signs copies of her books to mail out. When Dad Peep gets home, we have dinner. Sometimes Major and I take Author Mom and Dad Peep for a walk. Sometimes, we supervise them while they work on a jigsaw puzzle, or watch the Smithsonian channel on TV. Before bed, we get another walk, and a bedtime snack.

It’s a pretty nice life for Major and me, but I still say it would be way more fun if Dorothy would let me shred that paper.

Oh. If you want to come to her Author Party on March 20th,  and maybe win a prize, here’s where to go: www.facebook.com/dorothylovebooks

And now if you will excuse me, quiet time is over. And I see a cat.   Love, Jake

4 thoughts on “Jake Love writes about Life With Author-Mom

  1. Sandra Robbins

    I have to tell you, Jake, that your post brought tears to my eyes. This week I’ve been having a debate with myself on whether or not I should get another dog. Three years ago my darling Yorkshire terrier died of renal failure at the age of 14. She followed me everywhere and sat beside me while I wrote just like you do with your mom. I haven’t been able to bring myself to get another dog yet because I still miss Belle so much. What do you think I should do? I’d really like a dog’s opinion on this. Should I get another dog or not?

    Sandra Robbins

    P.S. And tell your mom I’d like to come to her party.

    1. dorothy Post author

      Dear Ms. Robbins, Jake here. First off, I’m sorry to hear about Belle. Mom peep says there is a special place called Rainbow Bridge where we faithful types wait for our humans, and I am willing to bet a week’s worth of Milk bones that it’s true. One day you will see Belle again.

      Mom peep tells me all the time how special we dogs are so it’s no wonder you miss your Yorkie. Personally, I think big dogs RULE, but each to his own. My grandma peep has a pug, and he’s an upstanding dude. So if you want a small dog, I won’t complain. Too much. Here is my considered dog opinion on whether you should get another companion to help you write your books: OF COURSE YOU SHOULD. The way I see it, there is no higher compliment you could pay your Belle than to want to repeat the glorious experience you had with her. It isn’t as if you will stop remembering her, right? But one thing I know about humans who love dogs is this: their hearts are big enough for an unlimited number of us canine types.

      Oh, and Author Mom will be glad to have you at her party. Personally,I’ll be glad when it’s over so she will have more time to play kickball with me.

      Love and puppy kisses, Jake

  2. Cathy Richmond

    Sandra, I agree with Jake – writers need dogs! Dakota always sensed when the writing wasn’t going well and made me take a break. He barked at the printer when it misbehaved. He let me know when the mail/UPS/FedEx guy parked in front of the house. And he took me on good long walks to keep my carcass from melding to the chair. Dogs rule!

    Jake, so good of you to help Author Mom out when she’s super busy! Hope a little steak comes your way!

  3. deanna klingel

    Hello Jake,
    You need to meet Lily. She’s also a writer-dog. she has a rather interesting life of her own, though. You can read her story in Just for the Moment: The Remarkable Gift of the Therapy Dog. It might inspire you or your writer peep to try something new for you. Woofs and Wags. Deanna (known in the neighborhood as the dog lady.) http://www.BooksByDeanna.com

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