One Writer’s Resolutions for the New Year

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Almost everyone I know resolves each year to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking. Most of us fail. Some experts in human behavior think resolutions  can be harmful; if we don’t achieve them, we wind up feeling worse than ever. So this year, I’m beginning anew. Not with resolutions, but with the idea of living with intent.  Here are my intentions:

To be more grateful for everything in my life. Even deadlines and other writing-related stresses. At a time when the publishing industry is undergoing constant upheaval and many authors are struggling to stay in the game, I am extremely blessed to have a contract. And deadlines.  I intend to be grateful for my work. For sunlight. For the muddy dog prints on the tile floor. For the sound of my mother’s voice and for my husband’s laughter.

To be more giving. This past year I gave more than ever to good causes, both in monetary donations and in my time. In 2012, I intend to look for new ways to serve, and for worthy causes to support. I cant’ do everything. But I can do something.

To learn something new. Last year I took Spanish lessons. I need many more lessons. I intend to take up music again and to learn more about photography. As writers we can become too insulated from the outside world. I intend to take more time outside the office to experience life. I think my work will be the better for it.

To spend more time in reflection. Several years ago I began the year with the One Year Bible which is organized with readings from the Old and New Testaments, plus Proverbs and Psalms for  every day of the year. Getting through Chronicles and Kings was hard, but I did it. I read the Bible in a year. In 2012, I am reading Dr. Billy Graham’s Hope For Each Day and a New Testament narrative.

Whatever your resolutions or intentions, I wish you luck. And from my house to yours, Happy New Year.