The Recharge Zone


Here in the rolling hills of beautiful central Texas, we get our water from a porous, honeycombed, water-bearing rock formation called the Edwards Aquifer. It’s one of the largest artesian aquifers in the world, running in a 160 mile wide arc through San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. The recharge zone is a 1250 square mile area where water collects –much of it above ground— before seeping into the huge underground waterway. During last week’s welcome rains, people all over the Hill Country wished for rain to replenish the recharge zone.

When I think of “recharge zone” I think of  the pouring out of new waters that sustain and renew life. Tomorrow  I’m  headed for a writer’s conference where I’ll  meet with my publisher, editors, marketing and publicity directors, my agent and the wonderful authors who have become my treasured friends. Interspersed among the  meetings, classes and workshops are times of worship, fellowship,  and reflection that  leave me feeling energized, thankful, and excited to write the next chapters of my books, and of my life. My own personal recharge zone.

Do you have a personal “recharge zone?” What people, places, or endeavors renew and replenish your energies? Leave a comment.  I’ll be excited to read it when I return next week. Renewed. Reinvigorated. Recharged.